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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Van Gogh King of The Bronx

The one thing I hate about summer is my cat Van Gogh’s insistence on playing acrobatics on the air conditioner outside of our 7th floor window. The damned cat is determined to give me a heart attack by the time I’m 25 if he lasts that long.
He’s been doing this ever since he was a kitten. He even fell off the air conditioner and landed on a patch of grass in the play ground below us. One of our downstairs neighbors alerted us to the fact that Van Gogh had pulled a flying Wallenda past her window. My mom ran downstairs expecting to find a twisted out cat instead she found Van Gogh trying to climb back up the way he had fallen. Determined little fella that he is. He knew he lived way up there near the clouds and was trying to get back home. Either that or the fall just messed with his mind.

Luckily for him he wasn’t hurt .But did it stop him from trying it again? Oh hell no …every year we go through this…he makes sure no one is around climbs through the window guard onto the window sill and jumps up onto the next window and perches on top of the air conditioning unit.

Whenever we close the window to switch on the AC we have to make sure he doesn’t get locked out. Sometimes late at night I catch him sleeping out there. I imagine in his mind he pictures himself the King of The Bronx, looking down on people and cars as they make their way down the street. I’ve caught him a few times looking up at the sky at the passing planes. I just hope the he doesn’t get it into his head to try to catch one of them. I guess he believes in the superstition of cats having nine lives and figures he’s got 8 more coming to him.


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