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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Blind Date

For reasons unknown to me I went on a blind date. I blame it on my girlish enthusiasm over the heat wave being broken. On the day of the date he called me to make arrangements for picking me up. I told him where I lived …”across the street from Stevenson high school.” Usually when I tell people where I live they give me this perplexed look. Even the people from the Bronx have no clue as to where the hell my house is located. I always have to give cab drivers directions. I was prepared to do so with him and then he said, “Stevenson? I went to Stevenson!” Hot diggity man it really is a small world after all (cue Disney music!)

Even though we were the same age he had graduated the year after me, making him a junior when I was a senior. His name didn’t ring a bell at all. I knew all of the juniors and seniors. Well at least the popular ones. I was part of the “in” and the fringe crowd; not by design though it just happened that way.I’m a friendly person by nature and tended to befriend who ever sat in a classroom with me. As a result I was friends with gang bangers, jocks, beauty queens, Goth kids, skaters, and nerds,yet this kid I didn’t know.

He drove up to my house and got out. As soon as I saw him I recognized him! His name was Jason and for three years he had sat at the table across from mine in Mrs. Altebet’s math class. He and I actually had become cool with each other during the last months of my senior year. I remember him as being this chunky kid with a full beard who was tight with Carmen a rocker friend of mine. Amazing we were hooked up by someone whose never even heard of our high school. Our date went well actually it turned into a Stevenson reunion of sorts he was asking me about all of the other kids we knew and was surprised that the majority of the senior class still stays in touch with each other. We were all a pretty tight bunch. He was a nice guy and all but without a doubt it was the weirdest date I had ever been on. All through high school I managed to avoid dating anyone from my school. I have this thing about eating where I crap. I just don’t do it and here I was on a date with a former classmate. At the end of the date I thanked him for the nice evening. As I walked away I thought, “Wow how weird was that?!”

I told a friend about it and she didn’t see how it was weird. However today I bumped into Carmen and told her about it and she thought it was hysterical. And guess what she found it weird too…granted not as weird as last year when one of our high school homeboys asked me to be part of a three some with him and his girl but weird none the less.

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