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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

File this one under freaky...

File this under one of the freakiest things ever. A few years ago the sister of a former boyfriend gave me a wedding band set that belonged to her late mother. Even though the guy and I had broken up her mom had wanted me to have it, as did my ex-boyfriend. I put the set away for safe keeping in my special jewelry box; the one with the ballerina that pirouettes to Beethoven's Fur Elise. It's my intention to hold onto the set until my ex or his little bro decide to get married and then I will give it back to them. The set is very old and unique it has a diamond cut pattern in the front of both the wedding band and the engagement ring. It also has the former owners initials inside of the ring.

Last month on a rainy miserable Saturday my father and my little brother Steven took a ride to Parkchester; which is like a mile away from my house. As he stepped off the bus my brother's boot laces became undone. He stopped to fix it and as he was adjusting the cuff on his jeans a glint from a puddle caught his eye. It was a small gold ring. My brother stared at the ring wondering if it was real. He looked around to see if anyone was around that might have dropped it. Because of the rain he and my dad were the only 2 people on the usually bustling block during that moment. My brother picked up the ring showed it to my dad and promptly put it in his pocket. He was really pleased with his luck deciding to give the ring to his girl friend.

When they got back home my dad mentioned my brother’s good fortune. Steven placed the ring in my mothers hand. Mom said the ring looked familiar to her. “Oh I know Mia has a ring just like this. Chino’s mother’s wedding band set is just like this. It has the same pattern and everything.” She instructed my brother to get my jewelry box so she could show my dad. When they opened my jewelry box they couldn’t find the ring set. My mother turned the box inside out. Finally on the third try she found the wedding band tucked away in between the folds of the velvet lining but the engagement ring was no where to be found. She inspected the engagement ring and told my father “William this is Mia’s ring.” My brother and my dad didn’t believe it ….until they matched the rings up and looked on the inside of both bands. The rings were the same tiny size and the initials on both of the rings was the same. “Oh my God mami this is Mia’s ring!” said my brother. They were all astonished.

Someone had actually taken that ring from my house and lord knows how long it laid in the street before my brother found it a mile away from our house in a puddle of water in an area that we rarely frequent. My brother played detective and surmised that it must have been one of my sister’s friends because none of his friends have ever set foot in my bedroom. From there my brother continued his detective work saying he knew of only 2 people both friends of my sister that frequent Parkchester. One a boy lives in the area and the other happens to be his girlfriend who takes the bus home from Parkchester, the bus stop she gets on is the same stop that my brother stopped to fix his boot in front of. The couple regularly chills in my bedroom which I share with my sister. My sister often leaves them unattended in the room. Also the rings are very small and even though I have small hands they are too tight for me. The female half of the couple happens to be very, very, very skinny at most she weighs 15 lbs soaking wet. The rings would fit her perfectly as a matter of fact it might even be a wee too big. My mother said that it was all circumstantial evidence and that he couldn’t really accuse anyone without proof. That night when the girl called, my brother told her the ring story without telling her he suspected her and her boyfriend of its theft. The couple has not been back to our house and my brother has now taking to calling them Bonnie and Clyde.

I wasn’t home when all of this was going on later on that night my mother called me at Reina’s to tell the ring story. I was totally amazed. Out of all the people in The Bronx what are the odds that my brother would be the one to find a ring stolen from my house? A ring that no one knew was even missing ? Thank God his boot became undone when he stepped off the bus….or was it fate trying to get the ring back home? I guess Chino’s mom really wanted me to have her rings. By the way the wedding set has found a new home. It is now in a small silk lined box inside of my parent’s safe.


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