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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Don's Great Medicine...

Due to a kick butt heat wave we’ve been experiencing I’ve been home this week hanging out in the air conditioned comfort of home. It has been brutal these past few days. Yesterday afternoon I was having a conversation with my aunt about some local power outages when the door bell rang. My father’s dog Kane went bonkers there was a stranger at the door….. Nora answered the door and called out to me “Mia there’s a delivery for you!” I searched my head trying to remember if I was expecting anything. I’d already received the new battery and AC plug I’d ordered for my laptop a few days ago. As far as I knew I wasn’t due to receive anything. Again my aunt Nora called out to me reminding me how hot it was in the hallway for the delivery guy. I ran to the door bare foot not stopping to throw something on over my short shorts and tank top…It was a package for me!

The box had no return address and no name from who it was. I quickly took out the tissue paper packing and pulled out the contents….It was a gift basket of cookies! There were macadamia nut cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, double chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and 2 huge cookies as the center pieces. It was beautiful and smelled divine! My 3 year old cousin Dareen lost her toddler mind, “cookie Mia I want a cookie!” “In a minute baby let me see who this belongs to.” At first I was confused thinking it must be for someone else in the building then I looked closer and saw a cookie shaped like a biker bear and started to laugh. I had recently designed a birthday card for a friend featuring a biker bear. I looked closer and saw another cookie in the shape of a flower with “The Don’s Great Medicine” written on it in blue icing. As I stared incredulously at the cookie, a smile crept over my face and I saw the basket had a card attached… it was from my friend The Don a fellow blogger and beloved friend from Kuwait or as he likes to call it “The Sandbox “.

I was at a loss for words and choked up with emotion over the fact that he’d taken the time out from his busy life to arrange this surprise for me. His card instructed me to enjoy the cookies with my family and oddly enough the basket held my family’s favorite cookies and of course mines as well the double chocolate chip of course. I promised them cookies tomorrow. I don’t want anyone touching the basket tonight. It seems to soon to make the beauty of it disappear into a memory. The basket is sitting on my table within my sight, for now I just wanted to savor the cuteness of the gift and the kind thoughts behind it. Moments like these remind me of how lucky I’ve been in life and I just have to stop to thank whoever is in charge for my many blessings. Especially the blessing of a friend nick named The Don.

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