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Monday, July 17, 2006

Kicking myself all the way home

My Aunt Nora and mom whipped up a Sparab (Spanish & Arab) dinner feast for friends on Saturday and I invited my friend Angela over. After stuffing ourselves we decided to go for a walk off the fantastic meal and took my lovely Cleo along with us. Usually when I take Cleo out I slip her doggie license in my back pocket but on this evening the stuffed grape leaves went to my head I guess and I forgot it. I remembered it outside but it’s no biggie I thought I never get stopped by the cops with Cleo. We were walking on Castle Hill when a patrol car pulled up and an officer called out to me asking if my dog had a license. I couldn’t make out what the officer was saying so he motioned for me to come to the car.

Cop: Do you have a license for that dog?

Mia: Yeah but it’s not on me. I forgot to bring it with me.

Cop: Let me see her Tags.

I explained that her tags had been recently lost and we were waiting for her replacement tags to come in.

Cop: Do you have ID?

I’d left my ID in my bag which was hanging from my bedroom closet door knob. Great.

Mia: Not on me, I left it upstairs.

His partner obviously was a rookie her excitement at writing the ticket gave her away. It was her first time issuing a ticket; it was my first time getting a ticket. It was an evening of firsts! Lord only knows what the ticket was for because her handwriting was that of a serial killer tripping on acid but she was so happy about it so it seemed a shame to point out that it was ineligible. I would like to point out that I could’ve lied about my name and address. I even thought about it for a split second but decided against it. I suck at lying.

Rookie Cop: What’s your name?

Yallah Beena, I thought of saying was my name… sanya wahida…instead the truth came out

Mia: Maria Amin

I watched as she incorrectly wrote out my name on the ticket. Min, Maria she wrote… I could’ve stayed shut…I should’ve stayed shut…it would’ve made the ticket invalid. I wouldn’t have had to go to court…. Instead my stupid ass blurts out …

Mia: No, no, no it’s AMIN not Min pointing to my name on the ticket….then I spelled it out for her A-M-I-N and gave her my address. My correct address.

Angela thought for sure I was going to give a fake name and address she didn’t understand why I was giving my real name and on top of that correcting the spelling. As soon as Officer Rookie handed me the ticket I started kicking myself. All the way home I kept laughing shaking my head saying “No, no, no it’s not MIN it’s AMIN. A-M-I-N.”

When I reached my house I told my family and friends what happened. My friend Officer Mike called me and I told him what happened. I'm thinking he's a cop he won't laugh after all it was one of his fellow cops that gave me the ticket. They all laughed, especially Officer Mike. All day long yesterday my aunt Nora teased me, "What’s your name,Min? Oh no it’s AMIN!" giggling like crazy. Reina couldn’t stop laughing either until I said, “Shaddup heffa guess who I am dragging to court with me on that day?”

I've replayed the scene over and over in my head. I could’ve given the cops any name I wanted to, any address I wanted to. Instead I told her the truth and now am going to be stuck on Sept 13th spending the entire day in court trying to get the ticket dismissed. Oh yeah I am a special one…excuse me while I go kick myself.


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