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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stuff I love about living in New York

The Don was waxing nostalgic over his time spent living in el USA. As I checked out his list of things he enjoyed while living out here I was inspired to compile my own list of stuff I love about living in the states well in my case New York...

Going to Gray’s Papaya on 71st and Broadway at 3 am for the best hot dogs on the planet washed down with a papaya drink.

Cars at the traffic light blasting their music on hot summer nights and dancing with friends while waiting for the light to change.

Chilling in Central Park between classes and getting a contact high from the buddah heads on the next bench smoking a blunt (marijuana in a cigar).

Walking around the city in Sponge Bob Square Pants pj pants, flip flops and a tank top; and not being hauled off to the mental hospital. Chilling in pj pants is an acceptable fashion statement in this city and is encouraged.

Hitting the local Greek diner in any boro at the crack of dawn for a killer breakfast after a night of clubbing, drinking and general rowdiness.

Complete strangers starting up conversations with each other. The friendliness of the people in this city never fails to amaze me.

Riding in a car with the Puerto Rican Flag and having fellow Boriquas honk their horn at you and yell, “Boriqua!” when they spot your car.

The way the languages of all the different cultures in this city become part of the NYC vernacular.

Walking down the street and having someone stop me to tell me they love my tattoos.

playing handball late at night in the park.

Coney Island! Looking at the beach as you enjoy the rides at Astroland and scream your lungs out on The Cyclone.

City Island late at night. My friends eating sea food at Johnnie’s while I munch on ketchup and hot sauce soaked fries as we sit in the out door cafeteria surrounded by the ocean with the music from the cars parked nearby give a soundtrack to the night. Somehow the fries always taste better there.

Shakespeare In The Park. It's a popular summer tradition in New York City. A series of productions of plays by William Shakespeare. The shows take place in the evenings at an open-air theater in Central Park. The Shakespeare in the Park performances were launched by American theater producer Joseph Papp in the 1950s.

Salsa dancing on Orchard Beach on Sunday afternoons during the live salsa concerts. All the salsa legends past, present and future ones manage to come and play for free thrilling the crowds every summer.

Finding the same exact candles you just spent $10.00 for (each) at Macy's in the local 99 cent store.

Nextel…everyone recognizes the familiar chirp of the Nextel walkie talkie built into their phones. I love when I have my head phones on and don’t hear it someone will tap me and say, “Yo someone’s chirping you.”

The appreciative smiles and winks of the cute firemen as they drive by on their fire truck and honk their horn at you.

Grocery shopping at Pathmark at 4 am.

The Subway.

The variety of food. You can eat your way around the world without ever having to leave this city.

The different ethnic neighborhoods from Little Lebanon to Little Russia with Little Italy, El Barrio, and Chinatown in between.

Stargazing on the roof top of my building.

The Yankees and the Mets.

The aroma of sausage and peppers at the annual San Genarro festival in Little Italy.

Valencia Bakery Cake: Valencia cake and Boriquas go way back the bakery exists only in New York (Bronx and Manhattan) Even though they make several different type of cakes Valencia is known for one cake in particular. cake -- rich butter cream frosting covering super-moist white sponge cake with three layers of real pineapple filling. Mention it to any Puerto Rican who has lived in or visited NYC and they get all nostalgic on you. Whenever I travel to another city I always get a request from someone to bring them a Valencia Cake.

The skyline at night.


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