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Friday, January 29, 2010


My best friend Jackie and I have known each other since forever. To an outsider reading our Face Books or eavesdropping on our conversations our affection for each other is not an obvious thing. Why post words of encouragement or send hugs via an app when an insult will do just as nice?

Our insults are not limited to FB we also text each other through out the day in between our phone calls. I thought I’d share some of our text messages from the past week. The messages are in their entirety.


Mia: I'm cold whore

Jackie: We already know you’re a cold whore

Mia: Touché


Mia: Sloreeee

Jackie: Fuck youuuuu

Mia: Not nice

Jackie: Eh whatevaaaa


Jackie: Bitch!!!

Mia: I’ll shank u


Mia: Bitxh
You’re such a bitch the c didn't even want to be next to u

Jackie: Fuck you


Jackie: You're a miniature bag of whore

Mia: Lol aww good things come in small packages

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