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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Save The World, Eat a Rhino Boy

The regulars to my blog here are used to seeing my art work since I always use it as part of my blog template. For example,the header above, that's a Suarez creation. Today however I'd like to share some stuff with you that wasn't designed for my personal use.

New York Times best seller Karen Marie Moning is the author of the Highlander and Fever Series and one of my favorite authors. She is also a phenomenal lady and very kind to her fans. Thanks to Karen and her loverly assistant Leiha’s ( aka my muse ) encouragement and hands on approach I’ve been experiencing a creative surge these days . They encourage me to let my imagination soar when it comes to putting down on paper what I envision within my mind. I owe them a tremendous debt for that, well that and their faith in me.

After being a regular contributor to her fan art zazzle store
I was asked to take a stab at creating a tattoo for the heroine (Mac) and hero ( Barrons) of her fever series. I was fortunate in that she actually liked the tattoos and has revealed them as Mac’s and Barrons’ offical tats.
I thought I’d share some of my copyrighted stuff here and encourage you to check out her books...

Barrons and Mac's tattoos

A few wall papers inspired by her series and available on her website. Make sure you check out my fellow Moning Maniac's VP's wallpapers as well. They are wickedly awesome.

and finally two of my newest contributions to Karen Marie Moning's Zazzle store

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