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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

They Can Tell?

Sometimes I have “special” moments. I’m not talking special awwww warm fuzzy moments. I’m talking about brain temporarily on hiatus moments. Case in point my best friend Jackie and I were shopping and stopped to look at a display of wigs.

“Mia, the best ones are human hair wigs. The wig makers prefer virgin hair.”

This is the part where my brain took a hike. I thought about what Jackie said for a quick second and snorted.


“Virgin hair Mia they prefer virgin hair it’s better to work with.”

“Jackie, how do they know when a woman’s been uh sullied? What once you have sex your hair texture changes?”

Jackie threw her hair back (not a wig btw) and laughed so loud I felt the vibrations in my bones. When she finally stopped and wiped the tears from her eyes she stared at me.



She stared at me again with what appeared to be a smile reserved for the mentally incapacitated. Slowly my brain began functioning again. I smiled sheepishly at her as I felt my cheeks turning red.

“Ahhh that’s not what you meant by virgin hair is it?”

She shook her head no.

“Um let me guess…you meant hair untouched by certain chemicals like hair dye right?”

Jackie slowly nodded and inched closer to me to put her arm around my shoulder. I’m never going to live this down I thought.


I raised my hand to stop her from saying anything else and slowly turned my eyes back to the wig display.

“Shut up Jackie.”

We said nothing for all about 10 seconds before I muttered “Virgin hair” and we both burst out laughing so hard we ended up having to hold onto each other for support.

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