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Friday, January 09, 2009

Wise Sensei

My sensei and I had spent the day attending staff meetings. It was well after 2 pm when we got back to our office and we had a pile of work waiting for us.As we discussed what needed to be done sensei whipped out his brand new blackberry.

“Grasshopper, what time are you leaving today?” I checked my schedule on my blackberry, “3:30 sensei”. He edged closer to me holding his blackberry in front of him as if it were a holy relic. “I don’t care about all the patient review notes we have to do or that we have to knuckle down and do your evaluation. You are not leaving here today until you teach me how to use this thing.” See that’s what I adore about my mentor, the man has got his priorities straight.

I patted the spot next to me, “Honorable sensei come sit beside your grasshopper and I shall teach you the ways of the blackberry.” He was in complete awe of me as I showed him all he could do with the blackberry. I talked him through his first picture message and taught him how to do his schedule on it. “This is great!” he exclaimed after learning how to set up individual ring tones for his callers. “If I accomplish nothing else but teaching you how to be better organized by using this device during this internship sensei I will die a happy woman.”

When I got up to leave he called after me, “Grasshopper is that all?” I bowed deeply to him, “No honorable sensei tomorrow I will teach you how to set it up so your text messages and email.” He bowed in return and replied, “I would be lost without you grasshopper.” He is a wise sensei very wise indeed.


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