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Monday, December 29, 2008

Here's Josh

I’ve written about him crushing my toes on the dance floor, about me threatening his life when he interrupts my studying, his desire for me to marry him and start a family, his willingness to relocate to Europe with me when I’ve completed my grad studies, his romantic gestures, and of course I’ve written about the pranks I love playing on him. Until today Josh has been "heard" but never seen on my blog.

Once upon a time when my studies weren't taking up 90% of my free time I roamed NYC camera in hand snapping away. My hobby is photography,I studied it for about 5 years and until recently I worked as a professional photographer. After getting a look at my portfolio Josh has been encouraging me to get back behind my camera. I'm sure he thinks if I'm behind the camera that'll give me less free time to play pranks on him. Ha! As if. Unfortunately my 35mm Canon (my favorite camera) needed to be replaced and the cost of my education was not allowing me to splurge on a new camera. My cousin Mahmoud had gotten me a Sony Cybershot digital camera last Christmas and although I love it and it's a great camera there's only so much I can do with it. For months now I've been drooling over a Sony DSLR 300 camera.

On my birthday Josh handed me a brightly wrapped package and stood back to watch my reaction. He got me the Sony DSLR 300 camera I’d been lusting after, an additional lens and the promise of more lenses to follow. When I unwrapped my gift he smiled and said that the look on my face was well worth the money he’d spent and made me promise I’d start taking pictures again. It was only fitting that the first photos I took with my new camera were of him. Of course he wouldn’t cooperate so I snuck up on him and did a paparazzi move on him. I’ve made it sound easier than it was I had to make sure he was sitting first, it’s kind of hard for a 4ft 11 chick to sneak a face shot of a 6ft tall guy. Here's Josh...


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