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Friday, January 16, 2009

Promotional Tool

Once upon a time tattoo’s were considered a liability by every job I held and I was instructed to keep them covered, a habit I’ve continued even now while at work. My mother has always insisted that given the population I want to work with (teens and cons) my tattoos are actually an asset and has always encouraged me not to cover them. I will never doubt her again.

Yesterday my sensei suckered me into delegated the responsibility of assisting one of our counselors at a health fair being held at a local school. While all the other tables were mobbed none of the teens seemed interested in our table at all despite the fact that I’d designed some pretty adorable fliers advertising our services.

When the heat in the school gym finally kicked in I pulled off my sweater in order to adjust the short sleeved shirt I was wearing under it. The counselor I was assisting stared at my tattoos, she’d never seen them before. “Holy shit Mia!” “Don’t worry I’m going to put the sweater back on. I don’t want to scare the kiddies.” I joked. “No leave it off maybe it will draw the teens to our table.” I shrugged my shoulders and hung my sweater on the back of my chair.

Sure enough several minutes later our table was mobbed by teenagers wanting to get a closer look at my tats. As they oohed and ahhed over my tats and asked questions about them the counselor took the time to explain our program to the kids and give them fliers. “Is she one of the counselors there?” one of the teenagers asked pointing at me. The counselor nodded her head and the teen smiled.

I was informed this morning that I will now be attending more health fairs. In addition to a therapist I am now a promotional tool. I wonder if I can claim the cost of my next tattoo on my taxes as a work related expense?


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