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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'll Have Whatever He's Having

I was waiting for a bus when I noticed him. Something was definitely up with the man and alcohol at least on this day played a major role in whatever was going on inside of his head.

It was freezing outside and the man was obviously in no pain as we waited for the bus. He sipped from a Dunkin’ Donuts cup while eyeballing all the people who arrived at the bus stop. Finally one girl in particular caught his eye or rather her large derriere caught his eye. She joined our crowd oblivious to the swaying man behind her staring at her ass. After a few seconds he began waving his cup at her behind. He was actually trying to smack her across the butt with the cup in his hand but his lack of balance wasn’t allowing him to make the connection. We warned her about his intentions and she turned around and glared at him over her shoulder. He straightened up and walked away pouting the entire time.

His pouting didn’t last long, he’d moved on to better things. He was now an airplane. He took another sip from his cup and held out his arms and revved his engine. He dipped and twisted his body pretending he was flying. His engine sputtered and made a noise as if it were descending. His landing was perfect, not a drop was spilled from his cup. The plane then morphed into a car a very ritzy car from the haughty look on his face. He rolled down his window and leaned out shaking his fist at traffic and bounced up and down as he “drove” away mumbling about the damn pot holes on the road. “I wonder what the hell is in that cup?” the man standing next to me said. “I don’t know but I’ll have whatever he’s having.” I replied.


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