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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flash Mob Gets Funky

A friend in London saw this commercial and said it reminded him of me. He said he could just picture me there dancing along with the crowd. I’ve been known to occasionally break out song or dance in public. Hey I love life and am willing to spread that love around. Sometimes someone will join me briefly in dance or song mostly though I get bemused expressions and people shaking their heads at me thinking I’m nuts but still they walk away with a smile.

This was a T-mobile commercial shot several days ago in a Liverpool tube station. They set up hidden cameras around the station and dancers in place when the music was blared over the intercom system. The result was infectious as some of the station’s employees and commuters joined in to sing and dance as well.

Imagine that 400 strangers of different races, cultures, and social classes coming together in dance. Hmmm makes one think doesn’t it? Maybe instead of bombs, guns, and tanks wars could be fought with monster sound systems and banging music. Just a thought…a female can dream can’t she?

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