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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Why Are You Bitch Slapping The Driver?

My uncle Brad is a tall guy, a big guy the best way to describe would be NFL linebacker big. He’s also an intimidating guy. He's a I will rip off your arm and beat you with it and then shove it where the sun doesn’t shine type of guy. If you’re ever foolish enough to cross him you do it at your own risk. But like all of the men in my family he is a gentle guy with a soft spot for those unable to take care of themselves.

My mom was in front of our building catching up with a friend when my uncle spotted her from across the street, “Hey ma!” he shouted at her, “Hey baby! Have a good day at work!” She shouted back as he made his way to his SUV he laughed at that. “I’ll try, I love you ma!” he said blowing her a kiss “Love you too my wittle Bradacus.” He giggled “Aww ma!”

Brad works with teenagers at a center trying to keep them on the right track and pull them out of gangs. With gang numbers on the rise across America (it’s not just an urban thing) the work he does is important.His work days are rarely easy, my uncle is a street legend in these parts thanks to his hell raising days when he was younger. If you’re the one to take him down it gives you street credibility to the max with the wrong people, specifically the ones my uncle is trying to keep your from. Because of that there’s always some young wannabe thug thinking he’s a bad ass trying to make a name for him self by challenging my uncle’s authority. It’s only when they see Brad’s beast up close and personal that they back down and become the most compliant of kids. He keeps a tight leash on his beast rarely does it show its head out in public.

Brad climbed into his SUV his head touching the roof of the car and kept is eyes on the “Access-a-ride” vehicle parked in front of him. It was a mini bus the type used to transport the disabled and elderly back and forth to appointments. An elderly lady approached the bus and the driver got out to help her. My uncle didn’t fail to notice that when the driver reached for her the woman flinched as if she were afraid. Instead of driving off he turned his car off and lowered his head to watch them. After several minutes Brad got out of his vehicle and climbed into the bus. Shortly after the bus began rocking back and forth. The rocking bus caught my mother’s attention, she excused herself from her friend and she crossed the street to see what was going on. Standing at the entrance of the bus she shook her head and crossed her arms over her chest and in a casual tone addressed my uncle…

-Brad honey why are you bitch slapping the driver?

Without letting go of the driver he turned his head to look at mom and smiled sheepishly.

-- Hold on ma.

He turned his attention back to the driver and slapped him up a few more times. I noticed he never used his fist he opted for the open hand slap instead.

Oh okay he’s not trying to beat him into unconsciousness. I thought to myself not like the time he’d caught up with the abusive boyfriend of a friend and knocked him out cold...for a few days.

--Give me your phone.

The driver hesitated and Brad cuffed him upside his head. The driver did as Brad ordered. Mom shifted on her feet and cleared her throat.


--One more minute ma.

-Now Bradley Christopher

Brad winced. He was in trouble she used his first and middle name.

--Ma I’m sorry I don’t mean to be disrespectful one more minute, two at the most. I promise.

Brad handed his cell phone to one of the passengers and instructed them to call the police.He looked through the driver’s company phone finding the number he wanted. He dialed it and handed the phone back to the driver.

--Call your supervisor.

When the driver disconnected the call Brad got into his face.

- I don’t want to beat you in front of my mom and niece but I will, probably not as bad as I would if they weren’t here but trust me it is going to be bad. You can call your supervisor from here and explain what happened before the cops pick you up or call him from the hospital while you’re handcuffed to the bed waiting for your teeth to pass through your stool. It’s your choice but I’m telling you my man if we have to go that route I’m really going to get mad.

He turned and winked at me.

--Hi Mia baby

He leaned into the driver and placed his forearm oh his chest. I had to smile I knew he was just toying with the driver. The guy was no match for Brad which is why he’d been slapping him instead of punching him. I stuck my head into the bus and pinky waved at him.

-Hi Brad

--Did Tankie give you the monkey I sent for your car?

-No I haven’t seen him yet

My uncle nodded he knew my uncle Tank would be around later on to check up on mom like he always does and drop off the monkey.

--You register for your classes yet?


--That’s my baby girl

He smiled at me again and turned his attention back onto the driver.

--Okay time’s up. So what’s it going to be?

The driver made his call and left a message for his supervisor to call him immediately and to send another driver to the location. Brad patted the driver on the head,

--Good boy. Now sit still because if you move from there or try anything stupid I will knock you the fuck out. Oh my bad ma I’m sorry.

-It’s okay now what’s going on?

It turned out that the driver had been shaking down his elderly passengers for months. At first it started with him asking the passengers to loan him a few bucks here and there which he never paid back. Now he wasn’t even trying to hide what he was doing under the guise of a loan. He was straight out shaking them down and they’d all been too afraid to say anything. Brad had confirmed it that morning when he watched his elderly neighbor board the bus and saw the driver grip her fragile arm a little to rough for his liking. When Brad had approached the bus he heard the driver threatening her about the money.

When he was done with his explaining to mom she looked at the four elderly passengers in the back and they all confirmed the story just as the police car turned onto our block. In what can only be described as obvious panic the driver attempted to strike Brad. Mom gasped.

-Don’t hurt him Brad!

Brad smiled at her as he held up his meaty fist.

--I got this ma don’t worry.

The crunch caused me to wince; the sight of the blood gushing from the driver’s nose did nothing for my empty stomach. I stared at Brad and shook my head.


--Ma he deserved worse he’s lucky you were here.

He stared at the driver and asked if he was okay. Satisfied with the muffled response he instructed the driver to thank my mother for the fact that he was still able to walk. Then he made room for the police to board the bus.


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