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Friday, July 04, 2008

Proud To Be An American

America bashing it’s the new black. It’s the in thing to do. All the cool kids are doing it. Recently I was with a group of friends some of them immigrants other the children of immigrants and listened to them intently as they trashed America. I was amazed by the amount of garbage they spewed. I bit my tongue out of respect but even my legendary patience has limits. I focused my attention on the biggest trash talker of all.

--Let me ask you a question dude. If America is so vile why are you here? If your homeland is so superior to mine why aren’t you there? What I am saying is this if my country is not your thing then leave. End of story, no hard feelings.

Mr. Trash talker looked shocked by my questions and tone. I continued this time addressing the entire group. No one within the group could understand why I’d be offended.

-- what I find funny is that you guys talk crap about Americans and our culture we are expected to sit back and take it and not be offended. I’m not even talking politics I’m talking about everyday stuff. Yet heaven forbid we do that same .Oh my god the crap hits the fan then. You guys want to start yelling and screaming and hitting yourself with shoes and tearing up your clothes and issuing jihads on Aljazeera.

Needless to say they disagreed with my statement and felt I was being over sensitive and it was quickly forgotten. However as I watched them for the rest of the night I thought of a friend who was recently investigated and shadowed by the government police in her country because of a simple suggestion she made to her their leader in term about necessary changes that need to take place in their country. I recalled a cousin of a friend jailed by his government and ultimately disowned by his father as the result of his blog criticizing his government. The fact that my friends were able to sit out in our host’s backyard sipping on beer out in the open while trashing my country without any real fear of reprisal towards them or their family spoke volumes about this country.

It’s pretty easy to point out what is wrong with this country but it is my opinion that what is right about this country far out weighs what is wrong. Even though at times I don’t agree with what’s going on here my love for my country never waivers. I have faith in this country and its’ people. I am proud to be an American.

Happy Birthday America!

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