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Saturday, April 26, 2008

He Sure Has Great Taste In Women!

I am really tight with my maternal cousins,especially my cousin Tini. As kids Tini and I regularly tested the patience of Father Pepe Le Pew with our antics during Sunday school. It was truly a miracle of God (praise bejezus!) that we weren’t beaten with our rosary beads by the assorted nuns of the parish. "Two peas in a pod", the nuns used to say. Yet it never quite sounded like a compliment coming from them.

For the past several months my cousin has been telling me about this guy that she’s really serious about. She’s been dying for us to meet each other. The other day she e-mailed me a photo of her beloved. As the picture loaded up onto my screen I burst out laughing. Holy Monkey I know this guy!

I'm always saying my life is kind of like a sit-com and this just convinces me more. It turns out that I dated my cousin's new boyfriend a couple of years ago and dumped him. Thankfully I don't remember it being a bad break-up. So I’m sure there are no voodoo dolls made in my image playing the role of pin cushion in his night stand drawer.I have got to give the guy props on one thing he sure has consistent taste in women! If things don't work out with him and Tini we've got at least a dozen more female cousins in our age range we could hook him up with.

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