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Monday, March 31, 2008

No more hashish for you, okay?

My phone rang it at 1:30 am it on the other end was my friend Guay laughing hysterically. Her sister Zash was tripping; she’d eaten hashish laced brownies and was panicking.

She’d never had hash before and didn’t know quite what to make of what she was feeling. The high for her was way different than what she was used to getting off of weed. Naturally knowing that I smoke hash on occasion with my cousin she decided to call me. I’ve never actually eaten the stuff before so I had no idea of what she was going through, whenever my cousin and I chill he either rolls it into a cigarette or puts it in the shisha but from the way Zash was going on it sounded like she’d gotten a hold of some potent stuff.

“Mia! My heart is beating so fast I feel like I can’t breathe, my chest hurts, I feel like I’m going to pass out!” “Calm yourself down Zash you’re making yourself freak out and you’re going to hyperventilate, take deep breaths. How much did you have?" I asked. She had no clue as to how much hash was in the brownies her cousin made but she’d eaten nearly ¾ of the pan by herself before handing over the rest to Guay. “You didn’t have anything else did you, like liquor?” “No just the hash brownies.” “Okay then Zash listen it’s pretty much the same as weed.In a few you’re going to get the giggles and the munchies.” “Mia I’m scared!” After some coaxing I managed to calm her down, in the background her sister Guay was cackling like a demented minion. “Let me talk to your sister.”

Guay took the phone still giggling like a maniac, “Guay how does she look?" I asked “She looks fine Mia. You know how she is all dramatic!” “Ask her if she wants to go to the hospital, I can meet you there.” “Na she says she’s fine now she’s just paranoid.” “Guay,how are you feeling?” “I’m nice, Miss Mc Greedy over here is probably bugging out ‘cause she ate almost an entire pan by herself. Yo Mia I’m going to call my cousin and ask her to make us some!” “Uh, yeah sure, like I’m going to eat something that makes my heart race. Hell no! Hello I have a heart murmur.”

I heard Zash in the background saying she was going to sleep “If I don’t wake up in the morning I love you Guay, tell Mia I love her too she’s like a sister to me. Tell the baby (Guay’s son)that his titi loved him very much!” At Zash’s dramatic declaration of love Guay burst out laughing again, “Zash damn calm yourself, nothing is going to happen.” “Guay I’m going to hang up now, go take care of Zash.” Zash snatched the phone from her sister’s hand, “Mia just in case I don’t wake up in the morning it means I’m dead.” Guay started laughing harder, “I Iove you." “I love you too Zash you’re going to be fine, go eat something light and relax. If you need me call me okay?” “Mia?” “Yea Zashi?” “Seriously I love you.” “Same here…Zash?” “Yeah Mia?” “No more hashish for you, okay?”

At that Guay started laughing even harder, "Yeah man no more for you we don't want you to wake up dead!" "Guay?" "Yeah Mia?" "Don't mock her high, don't mock her high."

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