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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who the hell wants to make love to a skeleton?

I’m required to keep a journal detailing my internship experiences as part of my class work. I was going over my notes this morning reading out loud as I transferred them over into my laptop. "Patient is a single parent, alcoholic lesbian, working in a bar as lounge singer. Main complaint during session was over her lover female anorexic, weight 97 pounds, complaining about patient’s reluctance to make love to her."

My mother just happened to be walking by and over heard me, “Well of course she’s refusing to make love to her, who the hell wants to make love to a skeleton?” “Ma!” “Okay Mia I take that back skeletons need love too. Look at Jennifer Lopez she loves Marc Anthony’s skeletor looking ass.” “Ma!” “What, Mia what?!”

I shook my head at her and continued reading out loud. “All I’m saying Mia is that is heaven forbid the woman should lift her leg or something and snap a bone. That shit can be deadly getting impaled on a shattered bone, painful too.” “Ma!” “What, Mia what?!" "You’re going to hell woman, straight to hell." She rolled her eyes at me, “Ay please like you’re telling me something I don’t know at least when I go I’m going sexually satisfied.” “Ma!” “What, Mia what?!” she said arching her eyebrow at me before breaking into a grin.

All of sudden I felt a throbbing pain behind my right eye and placed my palm over my eye to soothe it. How my grandfather survived raising her is beyond me.


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