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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes Mia, He's a Pimp

I am constantly amazed by the people my family knows, they know all sorts of people from different walks of life both the average José and the famous. Yet I wasn’t even ready for what arrived in the mail last night.

My mother got an invitation to a baby shower…“So mom are you going to the baby shower?” I asked so I could mark the date in my planner knowing full well that if she was I was being dragged with her. “Oh hell no!” she replied “I’ve got no reason to be there.” “Why not?” “He’s a pimp.” “Wait…wait Delano…is a pimp?!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Like in where’s my money bitch?” My mother nodded her head, “Big time.” “Are you serious?!” She nodded her head again. “The baby shower is being given by his stable of hoes for one of his pregnant hoe’s.” “He’s a pimp?!” “Damn shame too with a brain like his he would’ve made one hell of a businessman.” I still couldn’t believe it. “He’s a pimp?!” “Yes Mia he’s a pimp.” She sighed. WTF?!

Allow me to explain the pimp connection to my family.
My uncles met Delano when I was a kid while providing security for a rapper. I tend to bump into Delano really late at night or at the crack of dawn when I’m out partying. He’s friendly towards me not overly friendly if you get my drift just uncle approved friendly which basically means as long as he doesn't cross a certain line he gets to keep his good looks and his life. It works out well for him.

Until last night I had assumed Delano was in show business given the way he and my uncles met and sharp way he dresses; tasteful jewelry, Armani and Savile Row suits. Nothing off the rack for this man, what he pays for his shoes alone could probably cover a semester’s tuition for me. During the chillier months of the year I’ve seen him in the company of some beautiful women rocking full length fur coats. A man in a full length fur coat. DUH! Sometimes I am so damn clueless.

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