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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Blindman & The Taser Gun

Sometimes life hands you the perfect adult diaper moment and you’ve just gotta thank God for being there to witness it…

It was the height of the early morning rush hour as the blind man with the cane attempted to make his way on the crowded platform. The tapping of his cane on the platform gave everyone ample warning and time to step back and let him through, everyone except a female with a major attitude problem.

The blind man’s cane touched her leg and she let loose a string of curses at him. She pushed his cane causing him to lose his balance and crash into her. That seemed to infuriate her more and she threatened to slap fire out of his ass. The man said nothing to her as he straightened himself up and regained his composure. She got in his face again despite her fellow passengers telling her to lay off the man. She slapped him and then gave him a slight shove; several passengers reached out and prevented him from falling. Still the woman wouldn’t lay off of him. As she continued her tirade the blind man reached into his back pocket and pulled something out. His hand landed quickly on her chest and he tasered her not once but twice. As she fell to the floor he slipped the taser gun back into his pocket and made his way onto the waiting train.

No one made an effort to stop him instead a wall of laughter and cries of “Oh shit, oh shit!” went up around the women as she laid on the platform twitching as a stream of urine ran down her pants leg. Good Lord I love this city!

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