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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's finals week that means that I get very little sleep. Energy bars, strong coffee and fluorescent high lighters become my best friends. Much like the yeti and el chupa cabra reported sightings of me outside of my room during finals week are very rare and always greeted with a healthy amount of smart ass comments. It wouldn't be my family if it were any other way. My sister Caity came across me last night leaving the kitchen and she called out to my parents in next room...

Caity: Madre, padre grab the camera and come quick I have spotted the elusive Mia!

Dad: -Quick child save yourself ! Throw a moon pie at its’ feet and run!

Little smart ass did the sign of the cross

Mom: -Madre de Dios! Don’t look into its eyes. It will turn you to stone!

Mia: -Lady that’s Medusa.

Mom: -Same thing.


Dad: -Obviously you haven’t looked in a mirror.

Okay I’ll admit when I go into serious studying mode I’m not looking my best. I haven’t left my room in three days except to grab some food, bathe and use the bathroom and that’s just a few feet away from my bedroom. Okay, okay so pink kitty cat pj pants and my favorite hole riddled Elmo t-shirt aren’t the height of fashion. So what if my curly hair is looking kind of Sideshow Bobish. No one said studying for finals had to be pretty.

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