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Friday, November 09, 2007

Clowns and Temptations

Sometimes I get these urges, temptations ...I can’t seem to help myself they come out of no where the urge to mess with my friends like this and this.

Lord knows I try to fight the temptation. I try to fight the good fight I really do but sometimes it's hard oh so very hard. Lately I’ve been fighting the temptation to hire the services of a singing telegram company out in California. All it would take is a phone call and my credit card info to give in to my temptation. What is it that has my knuckles all white and my brow sweating late at night? It's a clown specifically Pennywise the clown from Stephen King's "It". I want to give in to my temptation and hire the clowniest clown employed by the singing telegram company. You know the clown of all clowns, The one with the biggest red afro wig, reddest bulbous nose, and size 14 clod hoppers a Pennywise look-a-like to knock on my best friend Jackie’s door on her birthday and sing her happy birthday despite the fact that she has this phobia about clowns.

(Sigh) it’s so hard being good sometimes but then again the fact that Jackie's 5 ft 10 and could crush my 4ft 11 ass like a bug holds me back a little just a little. Pray for me brothers and sisters pray that I may be strong enough to resist clowns and temptations. Meanwhile I guess I should lock my Master Card away.

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