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Monday, December 03, 2007

I think I'll take the stairs from now on

I stepped into the elevator and caught the tail end of a conversation my neighbor was having on her cell phone with her son. She looked really annoyed and sounded really exasperated.

Woman: It’s your son, he's hungry. He wants pizza.

Man: Pizza? Is there any in the house?

Woman: No and heaven forbid he should make himself something to eat. Heaven forbid he should actually look in the fridge and pull something out to cook because he's hungry. Heaven forbid I not be there to feed him. Twenty –eight years old and he’s helpless.

The husband started chuckling but the wife seemed to find no humor in the situation.

Woman: Don’t laugh he actually had the nerve to ask me to pick him up a slice while we’re out. Lazy bastard can’t even walk up the block to get himself something to eat. I swear, that boy needs a woman.

The husband didn’t say anything to her instead he just smiled. A heartbeat went by before she turned to look at me. I mean really look at me. She looked me up and down even looked at me from behind like she was checking me out to see what I was working with. I’m surprised she didn’t ask to check out my teeth. Satisfied with what she saw she addressed me…

Woman: Hey how old are you now?

Mia: 24

Woman: Would you like to meet my son? He’s 28 and really handsome.

Mia: No.

Woman: Do you have a boy friend?

Mia: I’m engaged.

Woman: He is really handsome.

Mia: So is my boyfriend.

Woman: Really handsome.

Her husband then decided to speak up…

Man: You know you can meet him and see if he’s your type. No harm in meeting him.

Mia: Like I said I’m engaged.

Man: You sure you’re not interested?

Mia: Na I don’t think my boyfriend is into the polyamorous life style but thank you anyway.

I don't know what's going on with me and elevators lately. I think I'll take the stairs from now on.

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