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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Joy of Socks

As soon as I got home I spotted the package on the small table for me. It was a belated birthday gift from Dannie. Nestled inside was a beautiful box decorated with pictures of mistletoe, pine cones, pears, and pomegranates. That box alone would have been enough for me. Ever since I was a little Mia I’ve had a thing for boxes. Not too much has changed now that I’m in my 20’s. My room is decorated with the odd ball funky little box here and there. Everything inside of it was icing on the cake.

Dannie included a beautiful letter with her gift, it seemed that each item related to a story I had told her or had blogged about. As I went through the box I discovered massive pairs of awesome funky socks. I love funky colorful socks! I wear them with everything from the dressiest outfit to ripped up jeans. Colorful socks are my signature item, kind of like diamonds and platinum jewelry to a rapper. The box held baby soft warm fuzzy stripped socks for those mornings when my feet are freezing and I’m exchanging e-mails with Dannie. Dannie’s husband Jeff picked out The way cool Napoleon Dynamite socks that invoked the time I was stuck home with the flu and spent an entire day crank calling my friend. The pirate socks and the box decorated with the pears was homage to my habit of stealing fruit when I’ve had too much to drink.

There was the cutest tiny black purse lined in hot pink that reminding me of my recent “grown ass woman” handbag and high heels purchase which was a big deal in my house due to the fact that I’m a knapsack and sneaker type of chick. I loved the little purse and plan on using it to hold my credit cards and ID whenever I’m using one of my messenger bags.

Just when I thought I was done I found a small little olive green box and inside of that were a pair of silver hoop earrings, my other signature item. They were perfect just the right size! Not too small, not so big that a bird could fly into them and use them as a perch and they came at the perfect time. I had misplaced my silver hoop earrings somewhere in my cousin Delia’s room. Lord knows when they'd be found. An expedition would have to be mounted to find them and there was no guarantee that anyone would come out alive given the size of the mess in my cousin’s bedroom.

After taking everything out of the box I looked at the stuff in front of me and the size of the box and decided that Dannie must have majored in Origami in college because I couldn’t figure out how she made all of that stuff fit into the box. The socks, the earrings, the little purse, the good wishes, the affection and the magic behind it all that had put a huge smile on my face and made my heart feel warm. How on earth did she manage to fit all of that in a box?

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