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Saturday, October 28, 2006

A young priest and old priest

The white blurs are Angie and me behind the fence, the yellow blur is the EMS guy

It was too good not to share. Of course my mother had to call my aunt Nora and tell her what that I had gotten locked in the park the night before. At first my aunt couldn’t understand what ma was saying in between the gasps for air and hysterical laughter but she knew it was good because ma was doing the laugh-cry thing… Finally ma was able to tell Nora the whole story. Nora decided then and there that Angie is a jinx…

Nora: Mags wasn’t that Angie girl with Mia when she got the summons ?

Mom:Yeah she was

Nora: Maggie correct me if I am wrong. Wasn’t that the same girl who was with Mia when that crazed Chihuahua tried to rape Mia’s ankle?

Mom: Ahhh actually yeah. Yes she was.

Nora:Wasn’t she with Mia when Mia got trapped in the bathroom?

Mom:Well no…she was leaving to meet her and stepped into the bathroom to wash some hair gel off her hands.

Nora: Same thing it had something to do with Angie. When you took off the lock and the door still wouldn’t open where was Angie?

Mom:Umm standing next to me.

Nora: And who was Mia with when she got locked in the park?


Nora: I sense a pattern Mags. I rest my case that girl is a jinx to the littlest Amin.

that’s what she likes to call me the “littlest” Amin which by the way I am not, I’m just the shortest…there’s a big difference you know.

Nora: Mags my darling my habibi the time has come to keep that girl away from the littlest Amin. Or dip the bitch in some holy water or something.
All this stuff has been happening one after the other since July. Know what I’m saying?

Mom:(laughing) Yeah but you know Mia has always had crazy stuff happen to her. She’s known for that among her friends.
Nora:I dunno Mags I still think the girl is a jinx. You better tell Willie to whip out the bible and bitch slap her with it and do it with a quickness too before she gets our baby killed or something. Maybe I can talk to somebody at the mosque and see if they know a prayer that’ll help.

Mom: (laughing again) Oh man. Ooookay babe that’ll do that will do.

Nora: I’m just saying my love…

Mom: So um let me make the list if it will make you happy…we need a young priest and old priest?

Nora: Yeah man and a gallon of holy water.


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