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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dueling Banjos...

I took this last year Upstate

There’s something about nature that speaks to me I think that in a past life I must’ve been a mountain woman or a hermit. I take notice of the scents, colors, and schemes Mother Nature gives us but when I take the time to point the out to friends they always look at me as if I’ve had too much to drink. How they can fail to notice and be in awe the beauty that surrounds us is beyond me. At night I’m always looking up towards the moon and the stars mesmerized by the show that the nightly show the heavens put on. You should see the amount of photos I take of the night time sky (see above) sunsets, flowers etc. I’m always trying to capture the beauty of what I see with my camera. The camera never really does the subject justice.

Tonight I will be sleeping under the stars somewhere up state in a camping ground after having spent the day hiking up mountains and hopefully at one point in quiet reflection besides a stream. I’m spending the weekend with a group of women one of which I will be mentoring getting to know each other. My mom was helping me pack for the trip and offered words of wisdom…

Mom: Don’t leave out any food or nada you don’t want to attract any bears. Although I think they should be going into hibernation now. If you see a bear don’t try to out run it just walk backwards slooooowly away from it.

Mia: Gotcha practice bear safety. Don’t worry ma we’ll be in a cabin.

Mom: Mia if by any chance while hiking on a trail you come across a couple of weird looking characters playing the theme from Deliverance on their banjos don’t stop to look run your ass on outta there. Especially if someone says, “ You sure got a purty mouth.” Make sure you grab Angela while you’re running because you know how nosy she is she will stop to ask questions etc and next thing you know it’s a scene out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre…

Angela: Deliverance?

I start to giggle because know the movie she’s talking about… it's a 1972 classic my mom saw it well into her teens and it still gives her the creeps

Mom: Yeah…she begins to play the movie's theme song Dueling Banjos on her imaginary banjo


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