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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mia:Lord of The Dance!

Angie and I were walking past a house and these two adorable half breed Chihuahuas ran out of the front yard up to us. We oohed and ahhed over them and then went about our business. We had managed to walk several feet when the familiar sound of paws on the sidewalk made me turn around. The little dog was following me. I bent down and petted him and walked away. He kept running around me in circles sniffing my leg well actually my ankle because that’s all he could reach. It seems that the pooch decided that he and my ankle needed to make a love connection if you get my drift.

Every time I took a step to leave the little bastard attempted to hop on my foot and mount my ankle. I tried to play it off like nothing was happening, trying to keep my composure because the sight of this horny little dog kicking it to my ankle was funny as all hell. At one point it looked as if I were doing an Irish jig. I was Mia Lord of The Dance! I wondered how long this would go on before he would finally over power my ankle and have his way with it when his owner ran out of her house towards me laughing. She’d been watching the whole thing from her kitchen window and decided to come out and help me since mini pooch wasn’t letting me leave the block.

There are times when parts of my life play out like a situation comedy. It's as if some higher power is writing the script of my life for an unseen audience out there. So far it's going good I hope by the end of its run I've earned an Emmy or whatever award the cosmos give out for best show.


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