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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Stars Are Blind

If God is a DJ may he forgive me for what I’m about to type… I actually like Paris Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind” song (hangs head in shame). Maybe it’s because I’ve always been into ska and reggae but the beat to the song is bouncy and it appeals to me. It has a nice summer feel to it. I can picture myself walking through the village on a hot summer night with this tune blasting on my Jelly Bean while me and my home girls check the guys out walking as if we owned the city. I can even picture me swaying a bit to this tune late at night watching the waves off of City Island as a breeze skips through my curls carrying the scent of the ocean mingled with the fried calamri from Johhny’s. These scenarios and oh so much more could be possible I only I could get over the fact that it’s a Paris Hilton song. This song could be my summer jam if only I could get over the fact that it’s friggin’ Paris Hilton ! Paris mother flubbing Hilton, a woman who epitomizes all that I despise. (Sigh)

It seems I’m not alone on this love/hate thing with this song. Despite getting mad airplay here in NYC very few people are brave enough to admit they are feeling the song yet it’s like the 3rd most requested song and it only being released a few days ago. Some have compared her singing style to Gwen Stefani and I can see why. It’s because of the ska feel to the song. She doesn’t sound exactly like Stefani more like she was invoking the spirit of Stefani in during the “Tragic Kingdom” and “Underneath It All” era . Man I LOVED the Tragic Kingdom album. I had it on cassette (remember those?) and wore it out two copies from running it so much. Anyway right now I am so feeling like a hypocrite I actually downloaded the song and am listening to it as I type this. I am so disappointed in myself. (Double sigh) After this song is over I’ll purge myself by listening to “Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen.

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