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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sueño and Shopgirl

I’m a Netflix slut. I am totally addicted to this service. The idea that you create a list of DVD’s and they get delivered to your house…oh man it is Nirvana for a movie fanatic like me. I use the service to check out DVD’s before buying them this way I don’t waste $$ buying a flick that turns out to be crappy. I just checked out a couple of flicks that are purchase worthy in my book… I loved them.

The first movie Sueño I’d never heard of. They should’ve had some type of publicity campaign going on for this flick because it was a really sweet movie. Honestly if it had not been for a trailer I saw on another rented DVD I never would’ve known it existed.

Synopsis courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.com:John Leguizamo stars in this Latin Musical as Antonio, a very talented young musician from Mexico, pursuing his dream of becoming a singer in Los Angeles. Consistently thwarted by constant rejection, he's about to give up when his manager, El Zorro, an eclectic and a colorful radio personality, convinces him to enter a local radio sponsored Latino singing competition. He finally will have his chance to make his music heard...if he can just find a band. At the same time, he finds himself involved in a romantic triangle with two very different women, a neighbor in her 40s (Peña) and a young veterinary student (Talancon). The vibrant on-screen musical performances incorporate the eclectic vibes of Rock En Español, Latin Electronica, Punk and Rap with the smooth sounds of old school Bolero. The film has no traditional score, but rather utilizes the original works of over 20 different bands and musicians. The soundtrack to this movie was off the hook! It has wall to wall kick butt music featuring Latino rockers Kinky, Papa Roach, Sofa, ZOE, Volovan, Cartel de Santa, Queztal, T-Funkattaque Y Sones Del Mexside, Xavier Cugat, Los Lobos' Steve Berlin, & others. I give both the movie and the banging soundtrack a big wepaaaa (it’s a Rican thing) I’m going to pick them up.

adapting his popular novella to the big screen, Steve Martin chooses director Anand Tucker (HILARY AND JACKIE), whose artful eye (along with the film’s stunning costumes, dramatic score, and brilliant set design) brings the book's detailed characters beautifully to life. Recalling her breakout role of analytical Angela Chase on MY SO-CALLED LIFE, a luminously brunette Claire Danes plays Mirabelle Buttersfield, a serious young woman (and aspiring artist) from Vermont who has moved to Los Angeles with hopes that, out on the West Coast, her life will finally begin. But Mirabelle's job at the rarely visited glove department of Saks Fifth Avenue and her naturally reserved demeanor make it hard for her to find genuine connections in a place as isolating as L.A. It's with a mixture of her need for human interaction and her lowered expectations that Mirabelle reluctantly accepts the awkward advances of Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman), a clueless but kind slob she meets at a Laundromat. The opposite of romantic, Jeremy's initial attempts at wooing hardly cure Mirabelle of her loneliness, so when wealthy older man Ray Porter (Martin) asks Mirabelle out with grace and style, she agrees. What follows is a touching look at the disappointment, confusion, and heartbreak that accompanies unreciprocated love.

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