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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Pain of The Past

I thought I was over it that I was ready to forget that day in my life. I thought I was finally at peace and ready to open the door without the fear of being hurt. I was wrong….

There are events in our lives that traumatize us for life; leaving scars so deep they can never be erased, never be forgotten. It all came rushing back to me yesterday as I stood in front of the refrigerator.

Some time ago I had a Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster Chicken slide out of the freezer do a triple loop in the air and land on my foot. I am not ashamed to say the pain brought tears to my eyes. I’ve never been the same again. I was in pain and limping for days. For weeks the sight of Chicken Mc Nuggets was enough to send me into tears. For those unfamiliar with the Perdue Oven Stuffer it’s an abomination of a chicken. I mean really wtf is a 8 lb chicken? Isn’t that more like a puny turkey? No, no I take it back a Perdue Oven Stuffer is more like an obese chicken. A chicken on steroids, it is The Chickenator.

Yesterday I had a flash back to the day of The Chickenator. I know damn well all we have in the little freezer is ice cubes and microwaveable stuff. I know damn well that the meat is kept in the deep freezer but still in the back of my mind there is always that fear. The fear that The Chickenator is out there lurking in the frozen tundra of my freezer. I reached in past Mrs. T’s Pierogies intending to grab a few of the dolphin and penguin shaped ice cubes that are kept in the Tupperware bowl and then it happened… a box of Stouffer’s Frozen Ravioli seemed to shift. It looked like it was going to slide out of the freezer! I jumped back and screamed like a bitch!

The horror of it all, I can only pray to the heavens that one day I will overcome my trauma, that my scar will be healed. That I will over come the pain of the past.


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