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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sometimes I'm Slow As Hell

There are three things you need to know about me if you don’t already well actually there’s more but for the purpose of this post we’ll focus on three. I love taking pictures, I love walking in the rain, and sometimes I’m slow as all hell.

The rain had just stopped and I was walking down the street camera in hand when I spotted this flower I absolutely needed to take a picture of. Just as I raised my camera to take the picture a woman walked into my shot blocking my view. I kept my camera where it was waiting for her to walk past me. The woman at first appeared apprehensive. I wondered what was up with her, it was only a camera after all and at 4ft 11 I doubt if she thought I was a danger to her.

As she walked towards me the look of apprehension quickly turned into one of annoyance. Her eyes jumped from my face to my camera looking at us as if we were chunks of dog turd stuck to her shoe. Immediately my brain went all inquisitive on me...Why is she looking at me like that, do I know her? What’s her deal with grilling the camera as if it were going to steal her soul?

She stopped and stood in front of me the look on her face seemed to say, “Ugh get it over with, take your damn picture already.” It hit me then… told you I can be slow at times. I recognized her! She was an actress who had had a very successful show a couple of years back. Gilmore Girls, yeah she’d played the mom. the useless info section of my brain supplied. I chuckled as I realized that she had thought I was paparazzi out to get a shot of her. Oh please lady get over yourself I thought and while you’re at it get out of my shot!

When I made no move to take her picture or talk to her a slight blush crept up her face. I smiled and lowered my head shaking it once using my body lingo to express it’s okay lady don’t stress it…now can you get out of my shot? She seemed fluent in body language and stepped aside quickly moving past me. I gave her a quick thank you nod and turned towards the flower and raised my camera. She stood several feet away from me watching as I took several shots of the flower. When I was done we smiled at each other and walked off in opposite directions. I was off to embrace more photo ops and she from what I had seen was off to avoid them.

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