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Monday, July 27, 2009

Beware of Angry Midgets

The movie playing on the screen was horrible! Instead of watching it from in between splayed fingers like any halfway decent horror flick demands the yeti, my friend and I were sitting in the theatre cracking jokes. We weren’t the only ones laughing and since this was no Sam Raimi flick and the music was somber you know the laughs were purely unintentional.

I won’t reveal the name of the film just in case anyone is planning on seeing it but ahem you should really avoid paying to see any new horror flicks about an adopted child. Wait ‘til it comes out on DVD and rent it if you must.

“Oh man this is pure trash” I stage whispered to my yeti. “Money bet she turns out to be a midget.” I joked.

“You really think she’s a midget?!” my Yeti practically yelled.
“Shhhhhh it man …you know you’re really going to have to start working on your whispering skills.”

When the movie finally ended I sat in my chair amazed…she had turned out to be a midget after all. “That girl was right, she was a midget!” the guy sitting behind me told his girlfriend as I stood up from my chair.

I nodded my head knowingly, “Beware of angry midgets.” I said. I quickly glanced up at the Yeti who was poised to deliver a crack about my height.

I held up my hand before he could say a word, “Hush it Yeti.” I said.

He smiled, “How’d you know I was going to say something?”

“We need to work on your poker face as well dude.” I replied as I made my way up the aisle.

The Yeti chuckled, “Beware of angry midgets!” he said to my back.

“I heard that.” I said and let the remark slide as recompense for all the times I’ve referred to him as “The Yeti”. I was feeling generous, besides I owed it to him it was my idea to see the movie in the first place.


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