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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Marital Status

It wasn’t a big deal to my grandfather, so what if the secretary had ticked the wrong box on his paper work? It could happen to anyone, the boxes were after all grouped really close together and the office had been really busy. A little dab of “White-Out" and all would be fine. It was a done deal anyway. Grandpa had already decided to give them his business.He was just there to go over the paper work and sign on the dotted line.

Maybe it was the heat and the malfunctioning air conditioner making the boss cranky, maybe his tie was chafing his neck or maybe the man was just anal retentive . Whatever the reason behind his surliness it was obvious that the boss was displeased with his employee.

“Mr. Quills…” the office manager began

Quiles (key-lez)” my grandfather interjected.

The man looked at the form and back at my grandfather. The look on his face seemed to ask are you sure that’s how this is pronounced? Grandpa smiled at the man giving him time to absorb the proper pronunciation of his surname.

“Sorry about that Mr. Quiles

Grandpa waved it away,"It's okay, it happens all the time." he told the manager.

“Mr. Quiles about your marital status…when we spoke you told me you were a widower.”

“I am.”

“But it says here you’re separated. Obviously someone was careless. ”

The manager’s eyes slid towards his secretary and he gave her a not so nice look. Grandpa glanced at the secretary and then back at the man. We realized then that the manager was about to use the stupid error to berate his secretary.

“ I am separated from my wife… we were separated by death.” Grandpa said and sat straighter in his chair.

The office manager wasn’t ready for that one and seemed stunned. After a couple of seconds of trying to maintain a straight face he lost the battle.

“Oh… okay separated by death!” he said just as he burst out laughing.
Grandpa looked up at the now laughing secretary and winked as her boss continued to laugh.

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