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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

High Five

My parents know about Psycho Chick’s crush on me and have been teasing me ever since they found out about it.My parents picked me up from school today and as she walked me to the parking lot Psycho Chick told me she wanted our moms to meet each other.

“Ma, Psycho Chick wants you to meet her mother.” I said after sliding into the backseat and making myself comfy. “Why are you two girls getting engaged already?” mom shot back without missing a beat. My dad who was in the driver’s seat started laughing. “Ha-ha woman that is so not funny.” I said “Oh little one I beg to differ!” she replied. My dad held up his open palm towards my mother, “High-five babe that was a good one!” he said as he slapped his palm against hers.

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