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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hopped Up On Caffeine

It’s been a rough week in my house. My grandfather who except for the occasional cold has never been sick a day in his life was hospitalized.

My dad has been rushing straight to the hospital from work to visit my grandpa for a few minutes then driving out to my school to pick me up and then insists on driving back to the hospital to pick mom up despite her telling him she can cab it back to our house. He’s a tad bit over protective of my mom. The end result of this is that my father has been getting very little sleep and the only time he’s been able to spend with mom the 15 minutes it takes to drive home from the hospital every night.The other night the nurses assured my mom that she could leave early because grandpa was going to sleep all night thanks to the drugs they’d given him. My dad was beyond thrilled that mom was taking the drive up with him to my school.

As we drove home I noticed my father seemed to be euphoric, mom told me he’d been that way since they left the hospital. My dad was talking up a storm. Dad is up and out of our home by 3:30 am every morning so by 9pm his battery is running a little low. That wasn’t the case on this day. As he happily chatted away drawing the occasional breath before jumping onto another subject mom looked over at him and smiled.

“How much coffee have you had today?” she asked.

He’s not supposed have more than a cup of decaf per day.


“Have you eaten?”

“I had some egg whites and toast this morning. I skipped lunch, haven’t had dinner yet.”


“I didn’t know you were getting out early tonight and if I’d stopped for dinner I wouldn’t have gotten to see you at all today. I wanted to see you.”

“ How much coffee have you had today William?”

“Uh 3 mocha frappe things from Starbucks and Mark gave me a triple espresso before I left work.”

That’s more coffee than you drink in a week.”

“Babe don’t get mad okay? I had to I was falling asleep on my feet.

“I’m not mad honey but 3 mocha frappes? You don’t even like Starbucks coffee.”

“Yeah I know but you love those things. They reminded me of you. I missed you babe.”

Nice one dad tell the woman you had all that coffee b/c it's HER fav.

She instructed him to drive to the nearest restaurant so she could get him something to eat. As he parked the car she noticed how twitchy he was and laughed.

“Oh Jesus honey look at you you’re all hopped up on caffeine! You are not going to be able to sleep tonight. ”

He grinned at her and then kissed the tip of his finger and ran it over her lips “well if I can’t get to sleep you’re not getting any sleep either.” he said waggling his eyebrows at her.

My mom covered her face with her hand.

“Father I’d like to remind you I am back here, thank you very much! Child on board, hello!”

He turned in his seat and gave me a mischievous smile.

“I forgot you were back there Mia thank god you spoke up I was about to get into a heavy make out session here.” he joked.

“That’s it old man you are banned from Starbucks.” I shot back.

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