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Friday, November 07, 2008

Mia, Thug Therapist

The other day I was sitting in on a group therapy session when one of the patients who was visibly upset became agitated after the therapist continued to press him as to sharing why he was upset.

The more the therapist pressured him to reveal his feelings the angrier he got until he just exploded and began punching himself in the face. The violent outburst took us all by surprise because he'd never done anything like that before. His therapist instructed me go get one of the male therapists to subdue him. By the time I came back into the room with the male therapist in tow one of the other patients had managed to calm him down.

The next day I found myself sitting next to the guy as I waited on my ride to school. He seemed embarrassed so I took the first step.

“What the hell was that about yesterday?” I asked

“I’m so sorry Mia I didn’t mean to scare you. I would never hit you. I’d never lay a hand on a woman. I know I was acting crazy.”

“Don’t worry about it, shit happens. You should’ve handled that way differently.”

“Yeah I know." he replied

We discussed some of the alternate ways he could’ve handled his anger and he promised me that if he saw himself going down that road again he’d handle it differently. He studied me for several moments his eyes resting briefly on my tats and smiled.

“Mia, I saw you throw your hands up in the air like you were getting ready to throw down. What kind of therapist are you?”

“The kind that wouldn’t have hesitated to beat the crazy out of you if you’d tried to attack me or anyone else there. Client or no client I would’ve kicked your ass.”

“I’ve got mad respect for you ma. You’re a thug therapist. ” He said as held out his fist and tapped it to mine.


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