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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Animal Crackers

Our relationship had been brief but it had been a sweet one full of funny faces, and giggles.Now the look in her eyes said nothing would have made her happier than to see a chalk outline of my body on the floor of the bus.

Our relationship changed in the blink of an eye.Her mom had been holding her in her arms when the bus suddenly lurched forward causing the animal crackers she held in her zip lock bag to spill out. I reached over and snapped the baggie shut at her mother’s request. She didn’t appreciate me blocking her access to the crackers and now the toddler was giving me the dirtiest looks a little kid could muster.

Her eyes followed me as I made my way off the bus. When I made it to the side walk I looked up at the window. She was clutching the bag of animal crackers to her chest and still giving me the evil eye. That kid could sure hold a grudge.


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