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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Mother The Witch

Somewhere out in Ireland there's a 5 year old boy who thinks my mother is a witch. The fact that he believes this is due to my mother. The little boy was recently visiting his granparents in my building when he met my mother.

She slipped the Nextel phone into her pocket as she entered the laundry room and side stepped the bundle of energy that was headed straight for her. The little boy ran up and down the laundry room driving his older sister crazy as only a hyper and bored five year old could. Mom smiled at the teenaged girl she hadn't seen in several years, “Miss Maggie!” the girl screeched as she ran to embrace my mother. When they finally broke off their hug the little boy followed my mother around and watched as she placed the laundry into the washer. Mom tends to dress like a gypsy sans the head gear and crystal ball; kids tend to love this look. The little boy’s attention was drawn to her curly auburn hair. “Your hair is pretty.” “Thank you Kieran” she replied. The little boy gasped at the mention of his name. He was clueless as to the fact that his grandmother had been flashing photos of him to mom since he’d been an infant or that both of his sisters had spent several years in mom’s Girl Scout troop before their parents moved back to Ireland.

Just as mom was about to explain this to him the Nextel in my mother’s skirt pocket started talking. My brother was trying to reach her via the walkie talkie feature of the phone. Whenever mom doesn’t pick up the phone right away it means she has the phone either in her pocket or her purse and doesn’t hear it so its best to use the walkie talkie feature on the phone if you have a Nextel or sprint phone, other wise just leave a message and eventually she’ll check the phone.

My mother’s pocket was talking…“Ma take me out of your pocket! Ma! Mommyyyy! Take me out of your pocket woman I need to talk to you!” The little boy stared at my mom his eyes opened wide. “Your pocket is talking!” My mom never missing an opportunity to mess with a kid nodded her head and touched her pocket. “It’s my son. He was misbehaving and I cast a spell on him and put him in time out.” she said looking down at the little boy. “Your son is in your pocket?” Mom looked over to his sister and winked, and the teenager hid her smile behind her hand. Mom nodded her head, “Yes he is Kieran.” She said as her pocket continued to talk.

Kieran narrowed his eyes at my mother and looked back at his sister. “Miss Maggie is a witch Kieran.” “Uh uh she’s too pretty to be a witch.” He said. The little boy stared incredulously at his sister and then back at mom. “Becky is telling you the truth Kieran how else would I know your name, we’ve never met before have we Kieran?” mom asked. Because he’s still at that age when he believes in the tooth fairy and Santa it didn’t take much to convince him that my mother was a witch.

“ Kieran, I'll be back in a few minutes go over there and sit down like a good boy and mind your sister I wouldn’t want to have to give you a time out as well.” mom said as she patted her pocket. Kieran quickly ran to the nearest bench and sat down. When mom returned from calling my brother Kieran was still sitting in the same spot.


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