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Monday, August 18, 2008

So Mia, whatcha thinkin’?

Lately no matter what I do the subject of marriage seems to be coming up. The BF and I were just chilling in my room yesterday afternoon. He was watching the Olympics and I was working on my book. Oh yeah I’m working on book, professors and what not are always telling me I should write so I decided to give it a shot and test my creativity. So I’ve been spending every spare moment writing much my BF’s annoyance.

--So Mia, whatcha thinkin’?

-How I’m going to end this chapter.

--Hey Mia, pay attention to me.


--Pay attention to me

I looked up at him and gestured towards my laptop.

-Dude I’m trying to focus on a scene here.

--I’m feeling neglected here all you’ve been doing is writing.

-I’m on a roll here.

I continued to write as talked

--Awww come on pay attention to me.

-Stop whining, what are you like five?

--Stop working on your stupid story and pay some attention to me.

-Look I was really having trouble with this scene and now I’m visualizing it perfectly so let me finish it off please.

--you’re always writing.


--I’m bored.

- Play one of your video games.

--I don’t want to.

-Read a book. Didn’t you promise Liza you were going to read the Twilight Series?

--Maybe later.


I had to laugh

-Look I can’t help you. You’re 25 years old you should be able to keep yourself entertained at your age.

--You’re supposed to pay attention to me I’m your fiancée .

-How about I punch you in the face, would that be enough attention for you? And you’re my boyfriend not my fiancée.

He laughed

--Why do you always say I’m your boyfriend?

I waved my left hand in the air to show the lack of engagement ring.

-Do you see a ring here? No you don’t and that is why you are my boyfriend. The day I have an engagement ring on this hand is the day you get upgraded to fiancée.

--You want a ring? I’ll get you a ring tomorrow.

-It’s okay the moment has passed I don’t need one. I’m still going to marry you.

--Come on Mia.

-Let me finish this scene first I promised Iman, Tati, and Mom I was going to have it done by tonight they’ve been pestering me for it. They’re really into the story.

--Oh you’ve got people reading it already?

-Proof reading and getting their opinions.

--Can I read it?


--You should let me read it you’re neglecting me because of it.



-Maybe later

--Mia what are you thinking about?

punching you in the throat.

-Some research I have to do for this scene about meritorious service and freed slaves.

--Want to know what I’m thinking?

I wrinkled my nose playfully at him and he laughed.

-No, not at this moment.

--Well I’m going to tell you anyway.

-Feel free.

--My family was asking me today when we are going to get married.

Uh huh…I feel the slight twist of pressure coming on…

-Oh yeah?

--Yeah I told them it was on you. I mean if it were up to me we’d go to Las Vegas this weekend and get married. I could be the Big Bopper and you could be Peggy Sue. I’m all down for the funny theme wedding you suggested.

My dad a man of few words just happened to walk by and hear the Big Bopper comment “Cante Sangano! (you idiot) ” he yelled as he passed my room. I giggled.

-I don’t remember saying anything about the Big Bopper. I said Elvis. We could get married by an Elvis justice of the peace. Besides we still have to do the traditional wedding for our families.


-Well I hope you told them this is not happening until I’m done with grad school. Then again we could get married after I settle down in Ireland or the UK.

--I told them that. You know that it’s up to you to set the date.


--Yeah and they were asking when are we going to have kids too.

-Wow you’re family’s been really busy thinking about our future eh? Don’t they have any hobbies they can focus on?

--They really love you. Even my step-father adores you. He’s always going on about how pretty you are and he’s never liked any of my past girlfriends.

-Well next time they ask tell them I’m not in a hurry I’ve got some things I need to do first and so do you like get your first degree. Tell them I said to relax I’m not going anywhere.

--Guay is moving in with her boyfriend right?

-Yup they were looking at apartments last week.

--Is it true Nalini got married?

-A couple of weeks ago and dig this she’s pregnant too.



--So all of your friends are settling down huh?

-Yeah I guess so and dropping out of college like roaches dropping dead after a run- in with a can of Raid.

--Ahem. But they’re all settling down.

-True to the ooo, my man true to the ooo.

I looked up at him and he was staring at me as if to say “what’s the hold up with you?” If it were left to him we’d be married already and I’d be heavy with child.

-You know I’ve always been a late bloomer. Ask my parents. Like I said I’m not going anywhere just in case anyone is wondering. I love you. I’ll marry you when I’m ready.

He nodded his head knowingly. Okay he’s ego has been reassured.

--Can I read your story now?


--So Mia, whatcha thinkin’?

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