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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oops My Bad

Somewhere in the city of New York a guy is walking around with his heart firmly entrenched in his ass courtesy of yours truly and I am deeply sorry for that. Oops my bad.

I looked up from my book several times and noticed him staring at me as we rode the bus through midtown traffic. When I got off at my stop he held the door open for me and smiled. I thanked him and smiled back because my mama raised me good and proper. After a couple of blocks though I noticed he was following me. I looked back at him. He’s not following you. Stop being so paranoid he’s just walking in the same direction. I thought as I slipped my headphones on and continued navigating the 7 blocks to my bf’s office building.

I'd just made it to the elevator bank when a heavy hand tapped me on my shoulder. I nearly gave myself whiplash turning my head to see who'd tapped me. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be so rude but I got pissed off when I realized he’d been following me. I shrugged his hand off of my shoulder and glared at him “What the hell do you want?!", I growled at him, the crazy look on my face ust have startled him. He backed up with his hands in the air doing the universal sign of I come in peace. “Well what is it?", I snapped. He took a step towards me and placed a business card in my hand just as the elevator door opened I narrowed my eyes at him and backed into the elevator. “Stay there don’t you dare follow me." He stared at me again and chuckled as the elevator door closed. I pressed the button to my floor and glanced at the card he’d placed in my hand it had his name and business info printed on it and directly below that were the words “Hi I’m deaf but I can read lips and I’d like to talk to you." Uh so yeah I’m feeling rather special right about now.


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