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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bernie Mac, Thanks for the laughter

I love going to comedy clubs I always sit in the front tables even though it never fails I always get singled out by comedians. I guess it’s because react to my laughter knowing it comes from the heart. I’ve had Lisa Lampanelli commiserate with me on men, and Dave Chapelle call me a Puerto Rican keebler elf. He brought the house down when I got up from my table to allow someone to pass by and when I asked how he knew I was Puerto Rican he pointed to my butt. Comedy is my thing and Bernie Mac one of my all time favorites he’s right up there with George Lopez in my book. I have literally cried from laughing so hard at his routines and was lucky enough to catch his perfomances live...amazing.

When I was doing the new layout for my blog yesterday I was actually listening to one of my favorite Bernie Mac routines and thinking about adding a comedy section below the music section as soon as I got a chance to upload my comedy CD’s onto a server.

This morning I was shocked to hear the news that Bernie Mac died earlier in the morning. Somehow this realm world has just become a little less funnier, heaven’s gain is our loss. The man was amazing and I’m grateful for the laughter he brought into my life.

If you’re offended by blue lingo then these routines are not for you.

Motha Fucka

You Don’t Understand

My Sister’s Kids

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