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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I See Dead People

I looked out the window and spotted one of our neighbors walking his dog across the parking lot. At first I didn’t believe what I was seeing and I rubbed my eyes a couple of times.

-Hey mom I thought you told me that the big dude with the pit bull died?

--He did

-Are you sure?

I closed my eyes and slowly opened them again and whispered to my mother…

--I see dead people

My eyes followed the ghost as he waddled across the parking lot.

-Ma I’m talking about the really BIG guy, the one with the ugly pit bull.

--yeah I know Corina’s uncle.

I stared at the ghost below resting under the big elm tree as his dog sniffed around and lifted his leg against the tree.

-Well I don’t think anyone bothered to tell him he’s dead because I’m looking at him right now.


-He walks among us woman.

--Mia, what the hell are you talking about?

-Look out the window ma. Hurry up he walks kind of fast for an obese ghost.

She glanced out the window and laughed.

--That’s not Corina’s uncle that’s Alicia’ s son.

-So is he dead or not?

--Corina’s uncle yes. Alicia’s son no.

-Oh thank god because I was about to say that it’s messed up that whatever unfinished business he had here on earth has doomed him to walk that ugly ass dog for all of eternity.

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