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Friday, April 04, 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

I don’t even want to know what the hell is running through my friend’s minds when they text message me. Frankly it scares me, which is why I don’t ask. I just go with the flow. Guay was at work the other day and took the time to ask me this thought provoking question…

G:Hey what would u dress ur vigina in if you could?

Mia: My que?

G: vigina

I stared at my phone… WTF?! Is she serious? I knew what she was trying to spell but decided to mess with her.

Mia: What?

G: Virginia

Mia: What about Virginia?

G: What would u dress ur Virginia in if you could? Lol

Mia: Virginia’s a bit of a slut so I guess anything slutty would do. It’s on her.

I guess I should mention neither Guay nor I know anyone by the name of Virginia so if I’ve offended any Virginia’s reading this..ooops my bad.

G: LMAO NOOOOO what would u dress your vijina in if you could?

Note to self purchase a dictionary for Guay at Barnes & Noble, remember to use her employee discount for said purchase.

Mia: My what?

G: Your vagina, VAGINA

Mia: My vagina is very well thank you for asking. She sends you her best.

G: LMAO NO! I’m asking if you what would u dress ur vagina in if you could dress it in an outfit?

Mia: Dude,if it were big enough to dress in an outfit that would be scary.

I didn’t even want to now why Guay was inquiring about my vagina’s clothing preference. Sometimes especially where Guay is concerned ignorance is bliss.

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