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Saturday, February 09, 2008

WARNING: This person has been known to have flashes of brilliance.

My professor wanted to know what made me decide to pursue a degree in social work after having earned a BA in Forensic Psychology.

- With a degree in social work in addition to my psych degree I’d be able to help many more people as opposed to just being a forensic psychologist.

- No! No! I want to know what drew you to psychology and social work. What ignited your passion!

- Hitler, Anne Frank, and intolerance.

she looked confused.
- What?

- Well…Hitler is the perfect example of what intolerance leads to. Anne Frank was the antithesis of that. She was proof that even in the face of adversity the human spirit is resilient. I want to nurture that spirit in people help them over come their adversities. After all each person is a universe, if you can save one person you save a universe.

she looked at me as if she were seeing me with new eyes.

- Oh my God Mia, that was brilliant!

I shyly smiled at her and felt myself blushing….

- Well uh yeah, thank you.

Every now and then during class I’d catch her looking at me as if I had a third head or something. Maybe I should wear a sticker on my ass that says: WARNING: THIS PERSON HAS BEEN KNOWN TO HAVE FLASHES OF BRILLIANCE. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY MAINTAIN A DISTANCE OF AT LEAST 4 FEET FROM THE SUBJECT.


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