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Friday, February 08, 2008

A Pack Of Cigarettes

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms conducted a major sting operation in my area this past weekend. As a result a shit load of vendors had their tobacco licenses revoked and their cigarette inventory confiscated. So at least for know my neighborhood is a smoke free zone.

I was on my way to school when a friend of a friend stopped me for a favor.She was having a nicotine fit and didn’t have her state ID on her. She asked if I could go into the store and buy her a pack of cigarettes. I’m not a smoker but since my Uncle Hassan and cousin Mahmoud came of out their mama’s womb with a zippo lighter in hand and a chest buster (cigarette) dangling off their lips I know how cranky smokers get when they don’t have their fix which is why I agreed to help my fellow student out.

The store was relatively empty and the music was blasting buddah bar music.The general ambiance of the place was cheerful until I opened my mouth. I placed my ID on the counter and handed the man behind the counter a ten dollar bill. “ A pack of Marlboro’s please.” He quickly shut off the stereo and gave me a dirty look and then he sneered at me. “We don’t sell cigarettes no more!” he yelled at me in a thick Arab accent and slammed the ten dollar bill back on the counter. I followed his eyes as they darted to the empty cigarette display case and then slapped my hand down on the counter just as hard and grabbed the money and my ID. I sneered back at him and using the same tone he used with me said, “Grrrrrrr Grrrrrrrr!” as I headed out of the store I burst out laughing. Poor man must have thought I was crazy.

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