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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mitt Romney: Man of The People

Please tell me why oh why is it that when politicians go into ethnic ‘hoods they attempt to channel their inner ghettoness? Case in point Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Out of all days Romney picked Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to channel his inner home boy. Romney was at a parade paying tribute to the civil rights leader when he decided to seize a photo op. He jumped out of his Mitt Mobile and into a crowd of African-American spectators and as he posed for pictures said, “Who let the dogs out? Who who.” (insert sound of car screeching to a halt here) WTF?!!! Oh hell no. Oh. Hell. To. The. Mother Hubbing. No! And it wasn’t even a good song! Damn that made me even madder! I’m saying if he wanted to channel his inner ghettoness the least he could’ve done was spit some of Tupac’s Keep Your Head up, instead of a lame ass song from a one hit wonder group.

Okay esta bien I will concede it was funny as hell to watch but it was also awkward. What’s worse you could hear the awkwardness in his voice, feel his discomfort. His body language was a give away. He was lucky someone didn’t verbally bitch slap him back to the heart of Mormon country. Lord knows if I was there I would’ve done it. You figure the man feeling as awkward as he did would’ve hopped back into his Mitt Mobile and kept it moving but no not him. He had a point to prove he is Mitt Romney man of the people. Several minutes later Romney was greeting some more people when he spotted a baby wearing a gold chain. He walked over to the kid raised his hands and said,“Hey buddy! How’s it going? What’s happening? You got some bling bling here!” WTF?! Oh Romney stop it you’re killing me man c’mon dude you know I’ve got a weak heart I’m going to die either of embarrassment for you or of laughter. Yes he said ”bling bling” in an apparent attempt to be down with the peeps from the hood. Look I’m not saying it’s racist but come on man you can’t tell me when he’s out stumping in suburban America he’s using those phrases. Can you picture him approaching a dressed to the nines Mrs. Amanda Money Bags IV in a red state and giving her a high five while proclaiming, “Hey there home girl that’s a lot of bling bling you got there!”? Let’s ponder that shall we? Hmmm. Oh hell no he wouldn’t.

Personally I want to know who the hell told Romney that raising his hands and perpetuating a cultural stereotype was a good political strategy? WTF was this man thinking? What next is he going to court the Latino vote by serenading us with music specific to our culture? You now Mariachi music for our Mexican brethren , Salsa for the Boricuas, Cumbia for South Americans, Merengue for The Dominicans, Punta music for the Central Americans?

You know what really burnt my piragua? What really disappointed me? The fact that he didn’t break out and start crunk dancing or at least do the running man after he made the “Who Let the dogs out remark.” Ahhh well a female can dream after all the primaries aren’t over yet.There's still hope.

Here’s a clip of the man in action courtesy of youtube.

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