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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Getting To Know Me...

Not that they leave any evidence behind in the form of comments but this blog seems to have a pretty steady stream of readers. Recently one of the regulars suggested doing an interview with me because I have zip about myself in the “all about me” section. We got in touch with a few other readers and they came up with a list of questions… here we go.

1: Why did you get into blogging?
I was stressed out, had a major paper due, and was nursing a major case of writer’s block. I thought that blogging about stuff going on around me would help with the writer’s block and it did. Ever since then I use the blog to keep my mind limber. It really has helped me in terms of writing school papers. It never occurred to me that people would actually read this blog.

2: What are your hobbies?
Other than harassing my mother? Photography, reading, music, writing and I’m a video game addict.

3: It seems like you’ve been in school forever, what’s your major?
It feels like I’ve been in school forever! I started wanting to get into immigration law so I got an AA by the time I was ready to graduate I had decided to go into forensic psychology. A few weeks before getting my BA in that area a professor gave me some advice. She suggested I pursue a degree in social work because it would open more doors for me than just a BA in forensic psych. I took her advice and after graduating last may decided to get a BA in social work as well. I should be done by next year and then it’s on to grad school.

And then?
The Peace Corp for a few years and then back home to start my non-profit work. There are more options available to you in the PC if you have a Master’s degree.

4: How would you describe yourself?
Shy with a dash of sarcasm and a jigger of wit.

5: Have you ever offended anyone with something you’ve written?
Just one. Look my attitude is this I don’t ask you to read my blog. Everything I blog about happens to be the truth. If the truth offends you then that’s your issue not mine and this blog is not for you.

6: What has been the most outrageous thing you’ve ever said?
The list is endless. I met a guy once who thought he was God’s gift to women.Totally oblivious to the fact that I wasn't into him he took one look at my tats, my piercings and said to me, “I could never get with a girl like you.” OUCH talk about ego bruising! My reply to that was, “Honey, you can never get a girl like me. You may not like me now but trust me an hour from now you will totally love me.” Man that was really cocky of me. I still cringe when I think of it.

7: Favorite place in the world.
That’s a tie. The Sahara Desert and NY's Cathedral of St. John The Divine.

8: What is the best kiss you’ve ever received?
There’s not a singular best kiss instead there are many. What makes them the best is the kisser and the feelings that were part of the kiss.

9: Hottest?
Oh wow that’s easy! A few years ago I was at a party and there was this cute guy there that I'd met via a friend. He had been making it clear for months that he was attracted to me but because my friend had a crush on him I ignored his attempts to hook up. Just as the party was winding down I passed him on my way out of the kitchen and out of no where he grabbed me and pressed me up against the fridge and laid one on me. It was so full of chemistry it made my toes curl, my heart pound and my body feel tingly all over. He looked kind of shook too and mumbled something about his knees feeling weak. I quickly pulled away from the guy and he grabbed me again telling me, “I took a 3 hr ride to this party just to see you, no one else but you.” I can’t front I melted and when he laid the next one on me I returned it full force. It was amazing! Mucho caliente! Then reality hit and I remembered my friend and her crush and made it a point to never see him again.

10: If you could be lint from a dryer screen, what kind of lint would you want to be?
Joaquin Phonenix’s.

11: If there was a worm in one of the pieces of fruit that you drunken "steal",& you bit it in half, would you continue to finish off the fruit or would you spit it out?
Depends on how drunk I was! Na I'd spit it out probably end up barfing too. That’s actually happened to me but I was sober. I was in Salem and someone handed me an apple fresh off the tree. I had eaten half of the apple and saw something wiggling. To this day I’m not sure if I ate some of the worm or not. Anyway I had a mini heart attack spit the apple out and ran to shore and started washing my mouth out with the sea water. Then it hit me that I was rinsing my mouth out with lord knows how many forms of bacteria and my stomach did a weird twisty churning thing and I puked every apple out I had ever eaten in my life. To this day I’m kind of leery when biting into a granny smith.

12: Do you watch Japanese flicks & then imitate the dubbed actors by moving your mouth & then uttering only 1 or 2 words?
Yup. I watch a lot of foreign flicks and am known for creating my own dialogue on the spot.

13: Bikini’s or thongs?
Bikini’s. I don’t like nothing wedged in my butt that’s not supposed to be there.

14: I’ve noticed all your BF’s have been tall. Do you only date tall guys?
Listen at 4ft 11 pretty much every guy with the exception of Verne Troyer (mini me) is taller than me. The fact that the majority of my BF’s have been 6ft and over has been a coincidence. I once broke up with a guy who was just too tall for me. He was 6ft 8 and every time we hugged it looked like the makings of porn flick. Not too mention the poor guy was starting to get neck & back problems from having to dip down every time he wanted to kiss me.

15:What’s your kryptonite?
MGM Musicals. Man I have loved them all my life. If you shout titles at me I can sing you a couple of songs from each one. My personal favorites are My Fair Lady and The King & I.

16: What would you like written on your tombstone?
“About this whole death thing… ehhh it doesn’t make my nipples tingle.”

Note: I know i'm going to have this song stuck in my head for the next few days...

Getting To Know You –The King & I


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