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Friday, January 04, 2008

Submitted For Your Approval...

Submitted for your approval A New Year's Eve tale...

We were packed pretty deep on the sidewalk at Times Square when I was approached by a couple of behemoths. The dark haired guy was well over 6 ft and the blonde chick with him was close to hitting 5 ft 10 herself. Just before approaching me the woman smiled and because I’m super friendly like that I smiled back at her, “Hi Mia my name is Haniel and this is my friend Mebahiah” She said. Most likely a tourist in need of help and having over heard my name she’d figured I was the most normal one of the bunch therefore approachable. Oh beautiful dreamer I thought if you only knew."Hey there Haniel and Mebahiah, how's it going?" I returned.

She stuck out her hand and we shook only instead of letting go of my hand she kind of held onto it for a hot second and kept staring at my eyes. Great. Fabulous. Wunderbar. Was she hitting on me? If she was it wasn't a big deal a couple of the girls in the crew were bisexual I could introduce them to each other. She let go of my hand and her hand was quickly replaced by her friend's hand. He smiled at me and said, “Hi Mia." and stroked my cheek! I basically snarled at him, “Do me a favor don’t touch me again or I’ll kick you in the balls.” but instead of jumping back in fear and cupping himself the guy actually laughed and said I was adorable! So much for my attempt at being "gangsta".

Out of no where the chick starts talking to me about things going on in my life and making predictions for my future. They must be roving fortune tellers I thought, working the crowd trying to earn a few bucks. The things she was saying were right on target. Stuff no one outside of my immediate circle knew about unless.... I was having some after effects from the concussion I had suffered the week before. Na it wasn’t an illusion my friends could see them too, my home girls were chatting up the guy. I began to think that I was being "punked" and nearly gave myself whiplash looking around around to see which one of my friends was going to ‘fess up to the trick. No one volunteered. Instead my girls asked the woman to read them too but she refused telling them that she had only come for me. Wow this female is good I thought she’s creating this whole aura of mystery around her, smart marketing ploy.

The woman continued to talk to me for awhile longer. When she was done I tried to press some money into her hand but she refused it. Instead she asked if I’d mind if they just chilled with me for a bit. I saw no problem with it since I wasn’t picking up a bad vibe from them, besides the area was full of cops and I had no intention of wandering off with them. I relaxed and we kicked back enjoying each other’s company. The guy turned out to be really nice he even danced with me in the middle of the street much to the amusement of the cops standing near us. When it was finally time for us to bounce the chick bent down and kissed me on the cheek. The dude grabbed my chin and kissed me on the forehead and said, “You’re just too precious you know that?” Then he put a silver medallion around my neck,“Do me a favor wear this for me from now on okay? I felt like I should give the guy something too you know so I reached into my messenger bag and pulled out some M&M’s with peanuts and told him, “Yo dude do me a favor and eat these for me okay?” He just laughed took the candy and said, “Mia you’re just too adorable.” and bear hugged me. Then they walked away into the crowd. I’m happy to report that after they left I still had my property intact.

Later on we met up with a friend of ours and when we told him the story he was heated and yelled at me, “Mia don’t you know you’re not supposed to talk to strangers?!” I couldn't understand why he was so livid, it wasn't a big deal. “Wait what you mean you’re not supposed to talk to strangers? I thought it was you’re not supposed to take candy from strangers. No one said anything to me about not talking to them. Are you telling me I have been misinformed all this time?” Now this is where it gets weird a couple of days later while telling the story to someone else they informed me that Haniel and Mebahiah are actually the names of the guardian angels pertaining to my birth date and zodiac sign. You may now play the theme to the twilight zone.

Of course my friend believed it to be a sign of some sort something mystical. Personally I think they adopted the names to coincide with the season. The fact that they came upon me and that the names they were using happened to pertain to my birthdate was a coincidence and most likely they had over heard our crew's conversation about our hopes for the future. Maybe the were con artists with a conscience and somehow we won them over so instead of trying to fleece us they decided that for this one night they prefered our company above all else. No matter what the circumstances it really was nice to meet them. It would be cool if some of the predictions she made for me came true but then again isn't that what a new year is all about the hope for positive changes in our lives?

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