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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Because I Loved Life...

We recently got word that my great-great-aunt passed away of cancer at the age of 90 plus. My grandfather asked that my mother sketch something in honor of his aunt Minin for her memorial service to be printed into prayer cards. Minin loved mom's angels so mom drew her as a youthful angel dancing with death. “Why are you making her young?” I asked. “Because in my eyes she never seemed to age. She always had this youthful spirit about her."

Minin also an artist was the first person in the family to realize that her great niece had talent one day as she watched the six year old drawing at the dining room table. Several days later my mom received a package full of artist’s supplies from her great aunt and every year after that on her yearly visits from Spain she’d introduce my mother via books and museums to a famous artist.

The quote on the sketch is something that Minin often said even before she found out she was terminally ill. It is from Amelia Burr one of her favorite poets.


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